Inflation: ‘The stagflation question is now on the table,’ portfolio manager says

Guild CEO Sean Bonner and U.S. Bank Wealth Management Global Investment Strategist Tom Hainlin join Yahoo Finance Live to weigh in on how the upcoming CPI data is impacting markets.

The SEC is trying to reshape the US stock market – but that could mean retail investors will have to start paying fees on trades again

The Securities and Exchange Commission is aiming to shake up the mechanics of US stock trading in the wake of last year's meme-stock frenzy...

The Origins Of Guild, An Investment Platform For The Military Community

A lot can happen in twenty years. It certainly was the case for Sean Bonner, CEO, and founder of Guild, a new investing platform for the military community…

‘Knowledge Is Power’: Guild Launches As Investing App For The Military Community

A primary concern for military families, pre-deployment, is financial well-being. That is according to the founding team at Guild, an investing app built for veterans, by veterans…

This Navy SEAL veteran is fighting for military community investment opportunities

Kaj Larsen is an award-winning war correspondent, filmmaker and journalist. But he started out as one of the toughest in the game: Navy SEAL, of course...


Using Financial Literacy to Find a Sense of Mission and Purpose with Kaj Larsen

Got Your Six with Tony Nash|21 Mins
This week, Tony is joined by Kaj Larsen, US Navy SEAL, award-winning journalist, and part of the Founding Team at Guild Financial.

The Freedom First Podcast

Blain Smothermon / Eric Hearn|28 Episodes
The Freedom First Podcast is a platform to bring people together from different walks of life to share inspiring stories of pursuing and living a life of freedom that will inspire, inform...

#117 Don’t Spend That Military Money. Invest – Sean Bonner, Guild

Startup Radio Network|45 min
Navy Veteran Sean Bonner started his military career a little later than most. At 28 years of age, he was the “old man” as he began. Growing up in the Philadelphia...